About Jennifer

I’m Jennifer, but most people just call me Jenn.

I started taking photos at age five, after begging my mother to buy me a camera at a neighbor’s garage sale. I grew up in a small town in the deep South, and I documented everyone and all that happened there.

I started my first job as a photographer at my hometown newspaper and worked my way up to working for some of the best newspapers in the country after college. When I left the newspaper industry, I went to work in the photo office at The White House for the Executive Office of the President as photo editor and photographer. I have worked for many other companies such as National GeographicAOLUSA Today, and K12 Inc.

I am a corporate, adverting and event photographer in the Washington, D.C. and New York metro area but I will travel anywhere in the world for an interesting photo assignment. I have a curiosity for people and their stories and I can find something interesting in whatever I photograph.

I am very active in the photo community mentoring young and emerging photographers and I am past vice-president of Women Photojournalists of Washington (WPOW). I am also a recent graduate of Leadership Fairfax (Class of 2016).

My Family:

When I am not off on a photography assignment, I have an adventure of raising my very creative and non-conformist children. The oldest ones are off forging their path in college and the little one is first-grader who wants to be a movie star and a scientist. My parents still live in the small Mississippi town I grew up in and going back home to visit it often like visiting the set of Steel Magnolias.

My Town – Reston, Virginia:

Live. Work. Play. That’s the motto of Reston and I fully embrace it. My house sits on the nature preserve and days off are spent reading on my back porch. In some ways, it reminds me of the town I grew up in, with caring neighbors, children playing in the woods and lots time with summer on the lakes. I have my own photo studio here right in Reston at Lake Anne, right above the Lake Anne Coffee House and Wine Bar. Wine and Coffee? Who could ask for more?

My Adventures:

I love travel the way some people love food. I like exploring the outdoors, finding a small town tucked away on a forgotten country road. I love feeling of the wheels lifting off on a plane, taking me to my next interesting destination. There is no such thing as a bad vacation to me, I enjoy everything that comes from embracing wanderlust. In my downtime, I write, and someday very soon that bestselling book will be published.